Byron Harris, Lil B Man, began his musical career as a member of the group, Paper Chaserz, who had the song “Franky.” When the group parted, he looked for an opportunity to showcase his vocal talent. Lil B Man launched his solo career with the street single, “Dopeboy Fresh,” which became a catchy tune around the city and helped Lil B Man get his buzz and his name began to ring bells in the streets of Dallas.
Many describe Lil B Man having a little body but with a voice of a giant, similar to Yo Gotti and Young Jeezy with the Dallas roots of artist like Gator Main, Big Chief, Pookey and Lucci and many more that you may know of. He raps about real life stories and things people can relate to.
His illustrious career included a stint with Sko N Go Muzic, which resulted in his mix tape “Itz Lil B Man” dropped late December 2010, which has over 3000 downloads on Out of this production also came the video to the song “Dopeboy Fresh” which was released on world star hip-hop. Then came his mix tape “Trunk MuSiC,” also available on datpiff.
Early 2012 Itz Lil B Man decided to break off on his own and began FLYY GUUY ENT where he dropped the single “Whole Lotta Ass” late 2012 early 2013 and released the video on WSHH once again. While the song was gravitating the surfaces of Dallas streets and clubs he also released another mix tape called “Itz Lil B Man Vol 2 #IJWBD” on 03/13/2013.
In 2014 Lil B continued to stay consistent throughout the year by releasing not one but two mix tapes, “No Remorse in April and ‘Lil B Manson” on Dec 14th to end the year right. In April of 2015 Lil B released his mixtape titled “Stay Down” which received good feedback from bloggers, and the streets. He then founded and created to further his brand. Unfortunately this would be his last mixtape in his hometown Dallas, Tx. Lil B and his manager decided to take their talents elsewhere to expand their networking. Lil B now resides in Atlanta, Georgia pursing his music career.
Lil B Man is continuing to find opportunities to display his musical talents, looking for more national exposure. Lil B Man plans on increasing his fan base by a work ethic that consists of consistency, determination, and passion like none other.

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